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Rental Policies

Living Stone Retreat / JTR & Associates


Rental Rates and Terms

  • Rates are subject to change until reservation is confirmed.                                                                          

  • Reservation is confirmed upon receipt of deposit, which is equal to 25% of total rate estimate.           

  • Full balance for reservation is due 2 weeks prior to arrival. If time does not allow due to last minute   reservation full payment due on the day prior to arrival.    

  • Cancellation: 25% of total invoice is non-refundable if cancelled within 2 weeks of arrival date.          Cancellations are subject to a non-refundable processing fee of $50.  

  • Dates are non-transferable.                                                                                                                                

  • There are no refunds for early departure.                                                                                                        


Payment may be made by Credit Card via Square invoicing software.

Taxes & Fees

Rental amounts are subject to the following taxes and Fees:

6% KY Sales and Use Tax

3% Grant County Transient Tax

1% KY State Transient Tax

2.9% Credit Card Processing Fee (Square)

Cleaning Fee

2 guests   = $50

3-5 guests   = $70

6-10 guests   = $90

Security Deposit

At our discretion, we may require a debit/credit card number to be kept on file and/or a security deposit

of up to 25% of the rate to be held up to one week after your check-out.


  • Check-in time begins after 4 o'clock pm (Eastern Time) to ensure ample time for housekeeping.               

  • You will receive an email when reservation is paid in full that will contain information pertaining to your check in.

  • Please report any issues with the cleanliness of the home or damages discovered within 24 hours of your arrival.  If no concerns have been reported within that time, you therefore agree that the property was in acceptable condition.  


Check out no later than 12 o'clock pm (EST) unless arranged prior to arrival.


Please leave kitchen in same condition as was upon your arrival

Wash and put away dishes

Remove food items from refrigerator and cupboards


Take out all trash to the outside trash bin.


Please return furniture to the location you found it upon arrival.


In Hot Weather please set thermostat to 80 degrees

In Cold Weather set to 60 degrees 

Doors and Windows:

Secure and lock all doors and windows upon departure.


Please place all used towels in a pile on the floor of the main level bathroom.


You are not required to remove bedding upon departure. 

Please use the provided stain remover to treat any stains or soiled linens and towels. You may leave any

treated linens in the washing machine for housekeeping to wash.

Leave a note or alert the host to attend to specific issues that arise in order to keep the house clean and 

sanitary for all guests.

Guest Responsibilities

Guests are solely responsible for any property damage, theft or other loss from the property during the rental period, including any personal injury suffered or incurred by any person.  Keep your vehicles locked at all times.  Secure and lock all doors and windows when you are away from the property.

The property is not "childproof".  Parents have full and sole responsibility to monitor and provide for the well-being of their children.  Living Stone Retreat/JTR & Associates shall not be liable for accidents resulting in injury.

Please respect our neighbors and limit loud and unsuitable activities so as not to disturb them.  Quiet hours are 10pm - 8am.

Housekeeping service is not provided during your stay.  Guests must keep the home/property reasonably clean, sanitary and safe.  Please notify your host immediately of any issues or needs requiring attention.  


Parking space is limited to driveway only.  There are two driveways available at the property with room

for a maximum of 3 standard size vehicles (cars), or 2 larger vehicles (vans/trucks).   Please do not park

 or drive on the lawn or any other location on the property.  Please respect the neighbors and do not 

park in or block the driveway of others.  The neighborhood has many children playing.  Please drive slowly.


No food is provided.  The kitchen is fully equipped for cooking and dining.

Prohibited Items

NO pets are allowed. We desire to keep our home free of animals to respect guests who may have allergies and to preserve the condition of the home.  Any evidence of an animal(s) in the home will result in an additional $250 cleaning fee to be applied.  Please be honest and do not sneak any pets.  Pet boarding is available nearby.  

No fireworks are permitted.

Smoking is not permitted inside the home.  If smoking does occur in the home this will result in a minimum charge of $200.  If smoking outdoors, please pick up and dispose of cigarette trash.


Guests agree to indemnify and hold harmless Living Stone Retreat / JTR & Associates from and against any liability for personal injury or property damage sustained by any person as a result of any cause, unless caused by the negligent or willful act of Living Stone Retreat/JTR & Associates.

Lost Items

Please report your lost item(s) within 1 week of your check-out.  Host will contact you as soon as possible if lost items are found.  You will be responsible for any cost associated with reunifying you with your item(s).

Maintenance Issues

  • Promptly report any maintenance problems to your host.

  • Host will arrange with you to enter the property to inspect and/or address any issues.  

  • Living Stone Retreat/JTR & Associates will promptly repair and/or correct issues to the best of our ability.  We shall not be liable to you for damages and no rebate or refund will be given for unforeseen failures including but not limited to electricity, water, sewer, HVAC, major appliances, internet service, inclement weather, etc.

Maximum Occupancy

 Your reservation invoice states the maximum occupancy for your stay as arranged prior to arrival.  Exceeding this limit may result in additional charges and/or eviction.  

Reservations and other Responsibilities

  • This property is intended for family rentals only.  Parents must be present during the scheduled stay.

  • The minimum age of the principal renter is 21 years of age.

  • The minimum stay for Living Stone Retreat is 2 consecutive nights with a maximum of 10 consecutive nights.

  • Renters must inform the host of each person (all ages) staying at the property to comply with occupancy limits set forth by the city of Williamstown, KY.  (not to exceed 10 guests)

  • Maximum number of guests permitted to stay overnight at the property is the amount stated on the reservation that was agreed upon prior to stay.  Additional guests not on reservation will result in additional charges or/eviction.

  • Reservations are not transferable.

  • Children are welcome, but parents must be on guard and supervising their children.  Parents are responsible for falls that may occur. ie: bunk beds, the deck and stairs.  Parents are also responsible for any injury that may occur from children playing in the trees and brush on the back of the property and to keep their children from wandering away from the property into the neighborhood.

  • Renters are asked to be polite and observant of neighbor's property and buildings.


PLEASE report any damages made to the property or any contents during your stay to your host prior to your departure (broken items, excessively soiled or ripped linens, damage to walls or furnishings, and so on.)

Following your departure, Living Stone Retreat/JTR & Associates will determine if the condition of the property is beyond normal wear and tear, if contents are missing from the property, and if other stipulations of this rental agreement have not been honored.  Charges may be incurred if there are missing contents and unreported damages.

If there is property damage due to misuse or neglect by the renters/guests, they agree to be financially responsible for the repairs.


Guests may be evicted for (1) overstaying the reservation time, (2) committing a material breach of this rental agreement which stipulates eviction would follow, (3) failing to pay full rent, (4) obtaining the property by fraud or misrepresentation, or (5) adding guests not agreed upon.

Living Stone Retreat / JTR & Associates

January 2022

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